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Pet Pals has implemented a Membership Program. 

Luce County Pet Pals, Inc
PO Box 345
7449 County Rd 451
Newberry, MI 49868
(906) 293-3310

Luce County Pet Pals, Inc                                                                                          January 24, 2018
PO Box 345
Newberry, MI 49868
(906) 293-3310

Luce County Pet Pals, Inc.
Annual Membership Renewal Request

Dear  Pet Pals Member or Prospective Member;
It is Membership Renewal time, and you are cordially invited to renew your membership for the 2018 calendar year.  If not currently a member, please accept this as your invitation for membership. Please fill out and return the enclosed Membership Form with your dues payment, be sure to include your email address.  All proceeds from membership dues are placed in a fund to help the homeless animals of Luce County.

Pet Pals meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month at 11:00 A.M. at Zellar’s Village Inn meeting room. If you are a member that attends our monthly meetings, we thank you for your commitment to Pet Pals. If you have not yet attended these important meetings, you are invited to do so. Your help with the various aspects of the operations of this organization is urgently needed and will be greatly appreciated.

In our efforts to control the growing numbers of unwanted pets in our area, we continue to actively pursue a spay/neuter program. This program provides financial assistance to pet owners in need.  During 2017, Pet Pals helped spay/neuter 62 cats and 27 dogs through fundraisers and donations from the community specifically designated to the spay/neuter fund.

Pet Pals has assisted the community with posting information on lost and found family pets on our Facebook page “Luce County Pet Pals”. In 2017 Pet Pals helped to reunite 41 dogs, 15 cats, and 3 other types of pets with their owners. We have also helped to re-home 68 dogs, 66 Cats, and 32 other types of pets. There is a desperate need in our community for foster homes to care for pets until their forever home can be found.  Please call Bonnie at (906) 293-3310 if you are interested in becoming a foster home.

Our fund raising activities have been successful this past year and we would like thank all those who volunteered and all those who attended which helped to make them a success. We will be having another Chicken Dinner at the Elks Club in April of 2018. 

Construction on the new animal shelter building continued this past year with much progress having been made. The walls in the Main Kennel and in the Isolation Kennel area have been covered with Fiberglass Reinforced Panels and new LED lights installed. The concrete floor in the Isolation Kennel has been poured with in the floor drain, ground insulation, and piping for in the floor heating. The new heating, air exchange system, and new 40 gallon hot water heater have been installed and the main shelter building in now heated. Soon to be installed is the new boiler for the in the floor heating in the kennels. Please contact Ed Brondyke at (906) 293-3155 if you are interested in being a part of the volunteer work crew. 

Thank you for your consideration of our Membership request.

The Officers and Directors of Luce County Pet Pals, Inc.

Membership dues are as follows:

Lifetime member with a donation of $500.00 or more
Family Membership $25/per yr
Adult Membership $15/per yr
Senior Membership  age 60 $10/per yr
Junior Membership age 16 and under $3/per yr

All proceeds from membership dues will be placed in a fund to help the homeless animals of Luce County.   If you would like to join, please click on the this link.  

 Click here to download PDF. membership letter and membership form

Luce County Pet Pals - P.O. Box 345 - Newberry, MI 49868

Luce County Pet Pals Inc. accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage. Luce County Pet Pals Inc. does not guarantee the health or temperment of animals listed as courtesy postings.
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